Easy to wear, easy to care, ethically made. We are a contemporary, adaptable clothing line based in Toronto, Canada that made for everybody with every body in mind. We craft each piece thoughtfully to fit all body types in celebration of our differences. Take this journey with us as we work towards a more dignified tomorrow.

easy to wear

The placement of closures is thoughtfully designed for easy use by individuals with mobility challenges, including those who need assistance with dressing.

easy to care

The materials and fabrics used in our line are easy to wash and dry, and don’t require dry cleaning services.

ethically made

We personally choose manufacturers that are sustainable and pay fair wages to their workers. Our line has a long life cycle, so you can enjoy them for years to come!

Our Story

We believe that clothing should be bold and beautiful and should reflect your personality. We are motivated by those who face challenges everyday while dressing, with a smile on their face. You are more that our customers ¬ you are our friends. Let’s embrace our differences and work together to make fashion more inclusive – after all, isn’t that what makes us unique! To learn more about e3 Journey please read our blog.

Join the e3 Kommunity

Our inspiration comes from you as we look at challenges as opportunities to do better in the world. The reverse “e” in our logo represents the uniqueness and individuality that each one of our customers brings forward. Let’s support each other’s differences- join the e3 Kommunity today and be a part of something bigger.

e3 Sustainable Preorder-System 

Every piece is e3 designed based on ongoing research, prototyping and the feedback we receive from our customers. Our goal is to bring you well-engineered designs based on your needs for a fair pricing. We also work hand-in-hand with our production to improve the quality of our garments . To sustain this practice, we sell by preorder. Help us produce quality clothes ethically and ecologically  to last over seasonal trends, for years to come.

we design uncomplicated clothing that is sustainable and timeless for every season. Each piece is created with breathable and soft fabric that provides users with tremendous comfort and style. Function is at the forefront of everything we do to give our customers a more dignified and independent lifestyle.
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