Mana’s Journey

Mana’s Journey

Mana’s journey in fashion started since her early childhood with her lifelong passion for fine art and design. As an avid mindfulness practitioner, she learned about the importance of social responsibility and the environmental impact of fast fashion throughout her journey.


After graduating from University of Arts of London in Fashion Design Management, Mana learned to reshape boundaries between fashion and function after specializing in Universal Design. She realized her work could have a positive health impact on people and on the planet.


The idea of easy design that lasts resurfaced in Mana’s personal life while recovering from a shoulder injury. She realized how difficult it was to put clothes on every morning, and thought of the millions of people that go through something similar every day. Introducing simple but thoughtful ideas in fashion design to make life easier for all is her continuous goal.

we design uncomplicated clothing that is sustainable and timeless for every season. Each piece is created with breathable and soft fabric that provides users with tremendous comfort and style. Function is at the forefront of everything we do to give our customers a more dignified and independent lifestyle.
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