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An inspiration to millions, and to us.

‘One of the greats’, ‘unique individual’, ‘that genius with the robotic voice’ and a laundry list of phrases go on to describe the greatest physicist and cosmologist of all times – Stephen Hawking.

Many things to many people, Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with a rare form of motor neuron disease (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) at the age of 21 and he was given only 2 years to live. Depressed, he started doubting his abilities to complete his Ph.D. program at Cambridge. Despite his worsening condition, engagement to his college sweetheart lifted his spirits and the life he lived thereafter is history. Responsible for popularizing science with his incredible work on Black Holes and the Theory of Relativity, Hawking taught us to believe that “While there’s life, there is hope”.

Apart from providing us with complex insights on his favored subjects of space and time, he was an advocate for mental health and addressed depression on many occasions. His quote ‘Life would be tragic if it weren’t funny’ tells us that he was a man with a sense of humor. He indeed was a unique individual who taught us to turn our conditions into a gift and live life even in the face of insurmountable obstacles.

An inspiration to millions, Stephen Hawking was the inspiration for the idea behind e3koncept’s design of the Hawking Sweater. It is designed for users with hand dexterity and arm movement challenges. The zipper with finger loops is attached to the collar which allows for easy dressing and undressing.

As someone who could barely talk, or move, he lived an interesting life, teaching us not to lose hope or accept failure. Inspired, e3koncept embarked on this journey to make sure that fashion is accessible and inclusive. Our aim is to enable a more dignified and independent lifestyle for our customers.

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